Cracked & marinated Verdial olives, Aceitunas Losada, 345 Green olives marinated in garlic and herbs are the perfect choice for all olive lovers who want to taste something new. The best way to enjoy them is with a glass of fine Spanish wine!

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Delicious Verdial olives pickled in a marinade of garlic and herbs have a balanced taste and delight any gourmet. Enjoy them separately as a canape for wine or beer or give a splash of green salad!
Verdial olives are the most common olives served in Spanish tapas bars and restaurants. They are distinguished by their light green colour, which also gives them their name. The high fat content gives them a slightly buttery taste.
Aceitunas Losada has been a Spanish family-owned olive growing and selling company since 1961. Olive trees cover an area of 12.5 thousand square kilometres in the beautiful Carmona area of Seville. Until 2009, all production was destined for the Spanish market only, but in recent years they have been exporting worldwide. By growing the olives themselves, they know the product and the entire production process well and know what it needs. The company takes care of the traditional hand-picking and each fruit has been checked several times since its ripening. This will put a top-quality product in your hands.
  •      Verdial olives,
  •      water,
  •      salt,
  •      garlic,
  •      vinegar,
  •      spices,
  •      Citric acid E-330, 
  •      Antioxidant E-300
Manufacturer Aceitunas Losada
Package size 345 g
Variety of olives Verdial
Country of origin Spain