In Spain, among the most popular donations of the sea are anchovies pickled in salt or acid - boquerones, mejillones - mussels, angulas or eels. Of the cephalopods are especially the calamari , which is mostly meat of squid or sepia, sliced on characteristic castors. It has a very fine taste, it is suitable mainly for frying or stewing mixes. Tasty meat has octopuses. The most common oysters (for cheese, especially as a starter) and mussels, used mainly for cooking and stewing, are the most common oysters. Other species of bivalves are also consumed in seaside regions, such as shrubs, hearts, gizzards, sheepskins, sprouts or scallops. Shrimps, shrimps, scampi, crabs, crawfish and lobsters have delicate, delicate meats. Marine gastropods and echinoderms are eaten mostly to seaside areas, with the exception of Sumatra, and are not the subject of commercial hunting for meat.
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