About us

We have prepared for you a huge selection of the most delicious Spanish delicacies. Taste the dishes that serve the best restaurants. Get some of them home and enjoy the little luxury of Spain every day . At home you can enjoy slices of delicious dried ham jamon serrano or ibérico or a piece of sheep's cheese. All accompanied by excellent Spanish wine ! If you try to eat healthy, we think of you too! Wide range of BIO products are definitely worth a taste.

Is there a celebration or party waiting for you and you want to have an interesting treat for guests? Choose from plenty of seafood , salami , olive oil or sparkling wine .

Looking for a gift for a friend or father? It will surely make them happy red wine. Want to be more original? Give him a ham jamon serrano ham with a stand and a knife wrapped in a gorgeous, elegant black suitcase . A nice gift for mum or girlfriend could be pink sparkling wine or figs in Belgian chocolate.

After years spent in Spain, we decided to bring our friends in the Czech Republic the most delicious delicacies of Spanish gastronomy. The hobby soon became a joyous job. In our stores you can see for yourself. So enter and choose ...

Our team

Ing. Jaroslava Šnejdarová

PR, business

After studying at the Spanish Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jarka enriched our team. He is now in charge of our online and stone shops. In addition, Jark has completed the jam chopping course from true masters of this craft, so you can often see her at various festive dinners where she slices the jam.

Alfonso J Fernandez

taster and sommelier

For over 16 years, Alfonso Fernandez has been working professionally on Spanish gastronomy. His experience and overview have helped us in the beginnings of our company in the best possible way. Way of unique quality. Alfonso is indispensable for us for a simple reason. Thanks to him we get the best pieces at the agreed time.

Juan José de los Santos

organization of events

Juanjo is in charge of organizing our events and other events such as the markets. Sometimes you can meet him as he gesticulates loudly. His Czech is very remarkable for Bohemia, in any case his knowledge of gastronomy is insurmountable.

Mgr. Libena Urbanová

company executive

After years of experience in Spain, Libena decided to import from Spain the most delicious food of Spanish gastronomy. The hobby soon became a joyous job, now responsibility.