Caribbean rums are intrinsic to Hispanic culture. In addition to Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan and Guatemalan rums, we also offer Spanish rums such as Mentidero and Cabeza de la Vaca.

Caribbean rum was drunk by slaves, sailors, pirates, politicians, workers, just about everyone. Over time, rum became one of the main materials that local colonies produced and exported around the world. Rum shaped the local economy, often moving history.

Even today, the Caribbean is where much of the world's production of this alcohol is produced. Caribbean rums are simply time-honoured classics.
Yet each island has its own processes and its own flavours. For example, Spanish-speaking islands such as Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are known for their more delicate flavours. Often, this is where white Caribbean rum comes from. In contrast, English-speaking islands such as Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica tend to produce more robust flavours. Here you are more likely to find dark Caribbean rum
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