Prepared gourmet Paella by Queridas Carmen or Paella gift from Carmencity. Spice spices and essential saffron. Recommended rice on a Bomba paella. Extra virgin olive oils, which are among the best in the world: Rincón de la Subbética, Masía el Altet or Full moon from Pago Baldios. Traditional wine vineyards such as Jerez, balsamic, sweet Arrope and sparkling wine. Chips prepared on extra virgin olive oil and chips with truffle flavor.

Coffee imported from selected plantations of Colombia, Zambia, Guatemala and Kenya and genius roasted in Madrid by La Mexicana with 125 years of tradition. ArtMuria from their own production sold in Harrods or Galeries Lafayette are unique flavors and flavors: edible gold, truffles, and the like.

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