Chips with Himalayan Salt, San Nicasio 150g Crispy potato chips slowly fried on extra virgin olive oil salted with pink Himalayan salt are a combination of quality and slow food concept. The family recipe is the treasure of San Nicasio. Choose the best Spanish potatoes and fry them exclusively using extra virgin olive oil so as not to burn them.

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Only natural ingredients are used to make chips. The product combines many years of tradition, health and authentic taste. No substitutes or preservatives are used.

Only potatoes from Spain are carefully selected as the basic raw material of the chips, which guarantees a unique and consistent product quality. It is true that the better the potatoes, the better the final product. The choice of local Spanish potatoes allows them to be transported quickly from the grower and easier to maintain under ideal conditions.

Another important ingredient is extra virgin olive oil. A blend of oliva picuda, picual and hojiblanca olive oil contributes to the balanced taste. This oil has a fruity and complex aroma and is slightly pungent (olives of the picual type). The oil comes from the Almanzaras de la Subbetica (as well as great oils, which you can also find in our offer here ).

The last important ingredient in production is salt. It is used exclusively pink Himalayan. Himalayan salt is unusually rich in minerals. It has become one of the most prestigious gourmet products all over the world. Its uniqueness gives the chips a touch of luxury.

Chips are fried with a slow method at low constant temperatures. Thus the best organoleptic properties of the oil are directly impressed into the taste of the chips.

Package Content: 150g

Origin: Spain

We are a direct importer of this product

Manufacturer San Nicasio
Package size 150 g
Country of origin Spain

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