Sherry or the sweetest victory

11. Září 2018 Sherry or the sweetest victory

Sherry can be both dry and sweet. Grapes are dried in the sun, then fortified - the addition of wine distillate. There is also ripening in the solera system. The barrels are stacked on top of each other. The barrels with the most sherry sherry, the barrel with the youngest sherry in the uppermost layer. Content in the lower barrels is bottled. The content of the upper layer is overloaded in the exact ratio. Certain wines of the sherry type are not mixed.

Toro Albala

The Toro Albala Winery has received many awards in recognition of its permanence in the world of winemaking. Patience carries sweet fruits, something that winegrower and enologist Antonio Sanchez knows well, devoted all his life. Pedro Ximenez grapes compares to his own offspring. They are grown under the best conditions so you can enjoy them at the most amazing party gatherings.

This project has been developing for many years and passed on from generation to generation.

All of that love and care is confirmed by the Don PX Convento Selection 1946, which earned 100 points by wine guru Robert Parker in the Wine Advocate magazine. It is an invaluable price on international markets that appreciates invaluable wine.

Toro Albalá, Don PX Convento 1946, DO Montilla Moriles

Brilliant wine of dark brown to black color and very dense consistency. Hand-picked Pedro Ximénez grapes are pressed by a hydraulic press and the resulting sweet must is partially fermented. Then add top quality wine spirits that have been resting in stainless steel tanks for at least one year.

This wine is very dense with the aroma of camphor, liquorice, chocolate, nutmeg and spices, pastries, hazelnuts and tobacco. The mouth is wide, sweet and velvety, it can feel the taste of red fruits, nuts and roasted almonds and a wooden base. An incredible spectrum of rich, sweet, balanced and delicate flavor will attack your senses and after some time you will recognize the aroma of black olives that adds a unique flavor to this wine.

Robert Parker's criticism:

"A totally exceptional wine with a deep and complex representation of all the characteristics that are expected from the classic wine and its variety, and it is undoubtedly worthwhile to make every effort to find, buy and enjoy this wine."

Toro Albalá Amontillado Marques de Poley

This sherry comes from the Montilla-Moriles area and the Toro Albala winery, which has long been a tradition in wine making.

The Amontillado Marques de Poley Solera 1922 is made from Pedro Ximénez grapes. Dries in old oak barrels underground and later undergoes oxidative aging. It is medium amber colors with shades of green, which suggests the age of the wine - up to 35 years. It is creamy with smell of sweet nuts with a touch of smoke. This wine is medium-sized, with lively acidity and pungent taste with intense, bitter taste.

World-renowned wine critic Robert Parker rated him 90 points .

Toro Albalá Cream Marques de Poley

Marques de Poley Cream PX is a mahogany wine with amber shades and is made from the Pedro Ximénez variety. The wine has a thick consistency, a distinctive aroma of caramel, hazelnuts and honey, and a balanced velvety sweet taste.

We recommend to combine with sweet desserts, perfect for tapas, Manchego cheese, Ibérico, as well as fruit desserts and delicious pastries.

Bodegas Robles

The Robles family has been devoted to wine processing in Montille since 1927.

By the end of the nineties, the third generation understood the tradition of the family and believes in old and traditional methods, not in progress.

Cultivating organic grapes with the highest intensity and quality of flavors we know. They oversee the natural process of maturing and preserving all the richness of the fruit in the wine.

Bodegas Robels, Piedra Luenga Oloroso, DO Montilla-Moriles

This excellent organic red wine is made from the Pedro Ximénez variety and ages for 6 years in barricade barrels. Due to the relatively long ripening, it gains a strong, exceptional and at the same time a harmonious taste, which is delicate and fresh at first and gradually becomes more intense. In the aroma it is possible to recognize raisins, a green apple with delicate hints of laurel and incense. 16% of the alcohol content is not the dominant taste, it is almost impossible to know.

DO Montilla-Moriles / Piedra Luenga / Amontillado

The wine from the Bodegas Robles is produced with an emphasis on ecological and traditional practices. Amontillado is a wine of bright color with mahogany tones, sweeter taste and full intense aroma.

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