Joselito, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, ham with bone, 9.5 kg Joselito ham gift pack with bone and 2 knives - boning and thin flexible intended for slicing ham. Without exaggeration, the best and most delicate jam in the world, which is really selected by the world greatest experts and the best chefs in the world. With Joselito, you will meet in Michelin restaurants and the best stores. Rather than a brand, this is a legend.

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Jamone Ibérico de Bellota (Pata negra) is considered one of the largest delicacies in the world. The JOSELITO ham is a real jewel among them and is associated with the world's largest genius gastronomy. Iberian pig from Ktwr is made Jamon Iberico de Bellota is characterized by its sleekness and elegant appearance. The fat is perfectly integrated into the structure of the jam and forms a typical marble. The color of the jam varies depending on the part you are cutting from, from intense dark red to fine pink shades. On the palate, the ham is slightly soaked (this is due to the low salt content) with a long, pleasant lettuce. JOSELITO ham is produced today exactly as it did by the great-grandfather's contemporary creators. Over time, they have gained their uniqueness as fans not only in Spain. They are considered to be the best jamons in the world. Restaurants and distributors are waiting for up to two years before they can remove a few assigned Joselita pieces. In 90% of restaurants with two and three michelin stars, this jam can be found along with the best champagne and caviar. JOSELITO has over fifty years of tradition in jam production. The whole production process is under very careful control. It is even said that Joselito is such a Dom Perignon among the jamons. Jamony Joselito stitches together at their events around the world and is working together as well as Luis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy. The company owns thousands of hectares of oak groves in the area around Salamanca, where black semi-wild pigs are grazed. The company is almost obsessed with the quality control of pigs. Iberian pigs live as if they lived in the wild, are happy and have no stress. Each pig has about 3 hectares of land. Their diet is natural because they eat the acorns and the plants they taste. Acorns contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce "bad cholesterol" and increase the "good cholesterol" level. That's why Iberian pig meat is healthy. How is the process maturing? The legs become sore, but only as much as is necessary. That is why Joselito ham is referred to as a pleasantly sweet, low-salt. During the winter, the ripening process takes place, which is helped by the wind. Salt slowly releases water from the meat slowly. In spring and summer, there is a process that looks like a jam "sweats". It releases the fat and penetrates into the tissue. When the fall comes, the jamons are piled up in the natural cellars underground. This ensures constant humidity and constant temperature during ripening (as is the case with wine). Thanks to the cellars that are located in this way, the hams are very slow (minimum for Joselito jam is 4 years). Jamon JOSELITO is placed here until it matures into the perfect stage for putting on the table in the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Some jams are labeled as top - they remain in the cellars, they even mature for more than 7 years. Selection of JOSELITO jam is performed by Maestro Jamonero individually for each jam. Just so we can be sure of its top qualities, for which it literally conquers the whole world. Jamon JOSELITO is not only tasty but also very healthy. The process of aging JOSELITO is 100% natural. Hams contain no added substances except sea salt that acts as a preservative. Thanks to the huge share of acorns in the jam diet, it contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids (similar to those contained in eg olive oil). It helps to lower cholesterol. JOSELITO ham does not contain gluten or lactose, so it is also suitable for people with special diets.
The package contains 2 knives - a boning knife and a thin, flexible knife intended for cutting jamon
Ripening time: 48 months and over
Weight: approx. 9 Kg
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer Joselito
Package size 9500 g
Country of origin Spain

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