Peach halves in brine, Navarrico 950g Deliciously delicate peaches in a sweet pickle will melt on the tongue! Peaches are hand-peeled and handcrafted. Great for preparing a variety of desserts.

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Behind this excellent product lies handicrafts and handicrafts. Hand-peeled peaches are marinated in a traditional sweet infusion of balanced taste. The result is a delicacy that melts on the tongue. An excellent source of fiber and minerals, ideal for preparing desserts or when you just want something small.
El Navarrico is a family business that can preserve various vegetables and fruits. It was founded in 1950 in the region of Navarra in northern Spain. Her philosophy is respect for traditional agriculture and conservation. El Navarrico products always guarantee quality and uniqueness.
Manufacturer El Navarrico
Package size 950 g
Country of origin Spain