Lomo iberico sliced, Jamones Blázquez, 100g Lomo ibérico is a premium cut of meat that is left to mature naturally for 6 months. The result is a delicious delicacy of unique taste and unmistakable quality. The meat is sliced into tender slices, which gives your mouth a unique meaty taste in no time. Enjoy it with a glass of wine or beer in tapas form, or serve it as an appetizer.

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Lomo ibérico is made from only the best pigs. After carefully selecting the best muscle meat, the meat is loaded and stuffed into casings. The excellent blend of spices and the delicate texture guarantee a balanced taste that melts immediately on the tongue.

The meat comes exclusively from the best Iberian pigs. Pigs fed only on acorns and grazing on the vast mountain pastures guarantee quality meat and a full natural flavour. The Blázquez family knows the entire pedigree of each animal, controls every step and strives for the best conditions, which go hand in hand with the principles of organic farming. The pigs graze on 30,000 hectares of pasture, which is home to acorns, the staple food of Iberian pigs.

Jamones Blázquez is a Spanish company that produces sausages, especially the traditional Spanish jamón. Its history dates back to 1932 in the small Castilian-Leonese village of Crespos, when Isidoro Blázquez and his wife Teresa Martín decided to produce quality Spanish hams from the best Iberian pigs. For decades, their attention to detail, traditional practices and only the finest meat have produced the finest delicacies for the most discerning palates. Their Admiración (translated as admiration) products have won numerous awards and can be found on the menus of the finest establishments in more than 30 countries around the world.
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