Toro Albalá, Don PX Convento 1946, DO Montilla Moriles, sherry, 0,75 l Don PX Convento 1946 is a high quality sweet wine from the Toro Albalá and Pedro Ximénez grapes. It is one of the few world wines that earned 100 points from Robert Parker's famous wine expert. Wine that will attract and satisfy every wine connoisseur!

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Brilliant wine of dark brown to black color with a very dense consistency. Hand-picked grapes of the Pedro Ximénez variety are pressed by a hydraulic press and the resulting sweet must is partially fermented. Then add top quality wine spirits that have been resting in stainless steel tanks for at least one year.
This wine is very dense with the aroma of camphor, liquorice, chocolate, nutmeg and spices, pastries, hazelnuts and tobacco. The mouth is wide, sweet and velvety, it can feel the taste of red fruits, nuts and roasted almonds and a wooden base. An incredible spectrum of rich, sweet, balanced and delicate flavor will attack your senses and after some time you will recognize the aroma of black olives that adds a unique flavor to this wine.
Robert Parker's criticism:

"A totally exceptional wine with a deep and complex representation of all the characteristics that are expected from the classic wine and its variety, and it is undoubtedly worthwhile to make every effort to find, buy and enjoy this wine."

Variety: Pedro Ximénez
Its taste excels mainly with dark chocolate, almond desserts and cheeses
Alcohol content: 17%
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer Toro Albalá
Area of origin DO Montilla Moriles
Alcohol content 17 %
Variety Pedro Ximenez
Bottle size 0.75 l
Country of origin Spain