Pla de Bages - a small area with a large name

06. Srpna 2018 Pla de Bages - a small area with a large name

Pla de Bages is the Spanish province of DO , located in the Catalan province of Spain, and one of the smallest in Spain, covering only 600 hectares. It is also one of the newest. It gained official status in 1995.

In the wine-growing context, the name Bages is well known, but comes from the otherwise unknown ancient Roman town of Bacassis, located in the area. According to an unidentified medieval documentary from the former Benedictine monastery of Sant Benet, this Roman city was named in honor of the goddess of Bacchus wine.

Traditional local grape varieties are Grenache (called here Garnatxa) and Tempranillo for red and Picapoll for white.

Newer vineyards are planted on grids (en espaldera), which enable the automation of wine-growing activities. Most grape production is for white or pink sparkling wine called Cava.



Surrounded by a medieval castle dating back to the 10th century and completely restored from 1981 to 2008, it radiates fascinating energy and remembers the history of the Oller family: knights, nobles, leaders, religious men, and a mistress. St. Ignatius of Loyola passed this way in the 16th century on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The portraits of Joan, Bernat, Arnau, Jeronia, Jaume, Boniface and other members of the Oller family, painted in the Middle Ages, still hanging on the castle walls, are testimony to this unique history. History, which more than 1,000 years later, is still written, with excellent wines.

DO Pla de Bages / Picapoll Negre / Oller del Más

Delicious red wine is hand picked to prevent grapes from damaging and preserving the highest quality. It matures for 9 months in barrels of French oak and then for 12 months in a bottle.

The complexity of Picapoll negre expresses all its essence and authenticity. It has the delicate aroma and delicate tones of red fruit combined with the spicy tinge of a French oak barrel. Delicate wine with a structure and balanced acidity. The end is long and smooth.

DO Pla de Bages / Petit Bernat / Oller del Más

Petit Bernart is a delicate red wine made from several varieties harvested and picked by hand. Following fermentation for 21 days and 12-day maceration. Subsequently, the wine is matured in French oak barrels for 3 months.

It is characterized by intense aroma with tones of red fruit on the background of fresh cakes and pastries. The surface has a sweet and smoky aroma, inside is spicy with a balsam that delivers the depth. The woody fragrance is elegantly integrated. The taste is sweet and balanced with sweet tannins.

Oller del Más, Bernat Oller Blanc de Picapolls, DO Pla de Bages

Excellent white wine from the Pla de Bages area made from the Picapoll Negre and Blanc varieties. The grapes come from vineyards of more than 20 years old with organic certification - no chemicals are used, only organic fertilizers.

After manual harvesting, the grapes are macerated at low temperature and then compressed. While Picapoll Negre is fermented in oval concrete tanks and aged there for 4 months, Picapoll Blanc is fermented in stainless steel tanks for 21 days at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C and aged for yeast for 5 months.

Bernat Oller Blanc de Picapolls is characterized by a straw color with golden reflections and white and exotic flavor, especially pears, lychees and apples. You can also feel the delicate mood of grass.

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