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19. Září 2018 Discover Tenerife

If you had the opportunity to see one of the SOMM films, then you were already familiar with Brian McClintice. This story is about the discovery of Tenerife, the largest winemaking space in the Canary Islands. You will learn about some unique varieties from the hands of a very special place.

-Madeline Puckette

The highest vineyards in Europe are located on a small island. On the periphery of this island are small beach towns. In the center of the island lives a 12,200-foot-high volcano. It takes an hour to travel from one end to the other, but from the village to the village, it seems as if you were going to the moon and back. Jungle, deserts, tropical beaches and mountains ... a unique nature set on this small island. The rule is Spanish, without it you can not do it. However, depending on the influence of the Portuguese on this island, Portuguese appears. From a geographic point of view, it is a stone's throw from Africa.

Winery Suertes del Marquez

Meet the cellars

The cellar is equipped with different volumes of tanks, in which we carry out the fermentation of our wines and also for their improvement.

The aging of our wines is carried out in small French foudres of 500 liters and is created by Burgundy co-operators. We imagine using them only as a tool to improve the process, not to give the wines any nuances.

In addition, we have stainless steel tanks of different volumes that enable us to mix different plots for our Village of Wine and different casks for our individual vintage and wine before the packing phase.


Since 2006, in this small family winery, they have decided to use native varieties and traditional wine breeding methods. In order to preserve the family and wine heritage that dates back five centuries, we only work with the Valle de La Orotava growers.


The Suertes del Marqués are located in Valle de La Orotava, a valley on the northern side of Tenerife. The property is made up of 11 hectares of vineyards from 300 to 750 meters above sea level, all with different orientation and different soil composition. In addition, the Suertes del Marqués operates an additional 15 hectares of wine grape vineyards with an altitude ranging from 250 to 800 meters.


Century grape vines of black and white grapes form the majority of our vineyards. Cultivated in a "cordon multiple", unique in the world breeding method, grapes coexist with other natural varieties of young and old vineyards such as Vijariego Negro, Baboso Negro, Tintilla, Pedro Ximénez or Albillo Criollo.

Suertes del Marquéz, Trenzado 2015, DO Orotava

Trenzado is a dry white wine from the DO Valle de Orotava area of the Suertes del Marqués winery. It is a mixture of Listan Blanco varieties (the name under which the Palomino variety is known in the Canary Islands), 90%, Pedro Ximénez (6%), and Vidueno (4%). The wine is slightly bitter, the acidic acid adds freshness. This is a very elegant wine.

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