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19. Června 2018 At Mexicana

By the end of the 19th century, the Mexican decided to visit Spain to know the land of her ancestors. A woman whose name was not remembered was enchanted by Madrid, its streets full of life, lacking in the energy and friendliness of the people. In Madrid, she decided to settle down.

She had only a few tiny pockets in her pocket, but especially the determination to start a new life at this place. Thanks to her dedication, she decided to do business in Madrid. She started out with a small shop selling coffee. The locals called it La Mexicana. She bought coffee from a man named José Rodríguez, the grandfather of La Mexicana's current director, Iria Rodríguez.

José was an orphan and he worked as much as possible to make money for food and lodging. He bought beans in El Barco de Avila and sold them in Madrid, also brought wine, which he sold to the priest for a large sum of money. Once, however, the merchant had no money, he offered Josh a bag of coffee.

In the coffee, José finally found his hobby. He began to grow it on the terrace of his house. The smell of coffee sprang up all over the street, and the neighbors who charmed this scent came to Josem to buy his coffee. José's quenching of coffee gave him glory throughout the neighborhood. This came to a Mexican woman who then sold her coffee.

The Mexican and José had worked together for many years and their relationship was about mutual recognition and respect, so much that the woman had asked him to take over the store.

In the 1930s, La Mexicana came into the hands of the Rodriguez family.

Since 79 La Mexicana has begun the expansion that has been inevitable with the widening customer demand.

Today, in the streets of Madrid, León, Salamanca and Toledo you will find 17 shops that you only know when you pass by - the smell of this roasted coffee is unmistakable.

The success of the roaster came to the Guinness Book of Records - the most expensive coffee in the world is sold in the Preciados street.

This story is totally magical and proves that great enthusiasm and even greater enthusiasm can build the whole society.

Café Brasil Caramelo Doce

Brazil is the world's leading coffee maker. This coffee comes from Cerrado Mineiro. The average temperature is around 22 ° C, along with the wet and hot summers are the perfect conditions for making these special coffee.

Near the town of Coromandel, the brothers Hélio and Evandro Sanchez began to grow coffee in the 1970s and founded Dos Hermandos. Ecandro is currently focusing on the production of specialty coffee, and the farm has also been part of the association of Cerrado Mineiro Cerrado specialty coffee makers.

One of the cultivated varieties is Catuaí Amareo, the uniqueness of this coffee lies in the color of the fruits - they are colored in yellow, not red, as we are accustomed to.

The name of the coffee is derived from these fruits - when they reach maturity, they are large, round and yellow like candies, hence Caramelo.

Café Nariño Supremo El Tambo

This exceptional coffee was discovered by Iria in a small town in Colombian Andes, El Tambo, located at 2,200 meters above sea level, the world's tallest cultivated plantations. The local team of small producers selects the best grains that cleanse themselves and then let them dry in the sun. Cafe is made only 250 bags per year and carries the exceptional name - Supreme Nariño El Tambo.

Its fragrance is delicious, the taste full and balanced, pleasant floral shades conquered Iriu from the beginning.

Café Kenia AA Plus

Few coffees can be proud of the best Kenya, AA Plus. Her intense taste awakens passion and Iria recommends her to try at least once in her life. She recommends enjoying coffee without milk and sugar to develop her full and unique flavor.

Café Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

This coffee comes from Sumatra Island, where indigenous producers grow coffee at 1,400 meters and maintain traditional processes that are passed on from generation to generation. Their specialty is the Gayo Super variety.

The coffee is organic, hand-picked and semi-soft, this unusual process ensures the texture of the earth and the spicy flavor of the grain.

These delicious coffee will prepare you at Vyšehradská 6, Prague 2 at the legendary Victoria Arduino coffee maker, which will make the taste of your coffee even more enjoyable and give you the best coffee experience.

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