Apple cider vinegar, Llagar de Oles, Martínez Sopeña Hermanos 0,5l Llagar de Oles is an exceptional vinegar made from selected apple cider, which combines all the health benefits. The low acetic acid content supports digestion and is ideal for salads, fish and stews.

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Llagar de Oles is an extraordinary vinegar, which is made of the best apples growing under the Asturian sun. This is a purely natural product that has not been artificially coloured. Goes perfectly with salads, fish and meat for an extraordinary gourmet experience.

Martínez Sopeña Hermanos is an Asturian company that was founded by Martínez borthers in 1993 with the idea of ​​developing high-quality cider. Respecting the craftsmanship of the art of cider making (for example using of old chestnut barrels) as well as modern technology, this allows to produce cider and vinegar of excellent quality.

Content: 0.5l
Origin: Asturia, Spain

We are a direct importer of this product.
Manufacturer Martínez Sopeña Hermanos
Bottle size 0.5 l
Country of origin Spain

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