Priorat - a unique gem

12. Července 2018 Priorat - a unique gem

Wine from Priority is currently one of the most sought after in the world. Priorat produces wines of exceptional quality that are different from all others. This is mainly due to the specific slate "licorella". To do this we have to add limited precipitation and the rough mountainous environment of the Priority. Local wines are fully concentrated and mineral.

Priorat is one of the many districts (comarca) in Catalonia. Glorious thanks to the wine marked DOQ Priorat. The most prestigious DOQ designation (Denominació d'Origen Qualificada) belongs in Catalonia to only one wine region, which is Priorat. In Spain, the DOQ label boasts the wine region of Rioja. The DOQ Priorat wine comes from the central part of the Priorat and ranks, in the words of the layman, among the more expensive red wines. In the marginal parts of the Priority wine is produced DO Montsant (Denominació d'Origen, this designation has in Spain dozens of wine regions that do not achieve the quality of DOQ, but they are still excellent wines).

DO Priorat / Clos Mogador 2015, 0,75l

Clos Mogador is the famous wine of René Barbier. It is considered one of the best in Priorat. Wine of immense quality and very authentic taste. It faithfully transmits the specificity of a specific local Mediterranean terroir. The wine is very potent, body-like and complex. At the same time it is very delicious and elegant. The Clos Mogador vineyard is one of the few recognized as Grand Cru. The wine is made of four varieties, dominated by garnach and cariena, the minority is contained in cabernet sauvignon and syrah. Collectible wine for special moments with great storage potential.

DO Priorat / Manyetes 0.75l

Manyetes is a fine red wine coming from the DO Priorat area, closer to the area of Vila de Gratallops, known for its sunny and dry climate. This delicious wine is made from the Cariñena variety. which is known for its dark color and specific scent. Wines of more than 80 years old are processed in a traditional way with respect to the environment and aged in 2,300 liters of oak barrels. Due to the specific characteristics of the wine its production is limited and thus it is around 5 000 bottles per year.

DO Priorat / Nelin 0.75l

Nelin is a delicious white wine of the Clos Mogador winery from Priorat. The basis of the wine is Garnacha Blanca, which is supplemented by three other varieties - Macabeo, Viognier and Escanyavella. The result is wine spiced, fruity.

The grapes are grown at an altitude of 350 to 500 m above sea level on the shale subsoil and subsequently collected manually into small 10 kg cans during the early morning hours to prevent oxidation. 90% of the grapes are molded and the must is obtained, while the remaining 10% of the grapes are macerated before 12 hours of pressing. The fermentation then occurs in oak barrels and vats at a temperature between 16 and 18 ° C and is extended by 4 to 5 weeks. The wine then matures for 16 months in wooden barrels.

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