Jamon iberico - the pride of Spain

29. Ledna 2018 Jamon iberico - the pride of Spain
Jamon legs
Who would not know Spanish ham from black pigs, as if he did not hear about Spain
alone. Only this country can boast of the Iberian pig. In many
restaurants and gastronomic critics, this concept became a legend, you can also find it in
most Michelin restaurants. Let's take a closer look at what this ham is unique.
One of the leading growers is Joselito, whose age-old tradition inherited in the family line
we can mediate in the following article.
The family company oversees the whole process of production, which starts with the breeding itself
semi-wild pigs, years of perfection. Pigs grown on the Joselito farm
are characterized by, for example, long, slim legs, meat rich in fatty acids
thanks to guarded eating and, above all, the growth of fat in the muscles that it has on
conscience the feeling of dissolving in the mouth. The farm is home to piglets for two
flight. Home is understood to mean a Mediterranean pasture, composed partly of oak
groves and partly from the meadows where each animal has about 3 hectares of land.
Diet is natural to animals as well as the environment they live in. Consists
mainly from acorns and herbs, pigs are not forages, food is found in
oak grove. Acorns are rich in unsaturated fatty acids thanks to which it is
Ham Very Healthy - Helps reduce "bad cholesterol" from human blood and
thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Acorns also contain flavonoids
(quercetin), which is found in red wine, is a precursor of heart disease
and is a powerful antioxidant. Free-grazing pigs also absorb vitamin E and proteins from
chemically unprocessed grasses. As you can see, the animals are so varied and complete
the food they find themselves, naturally in their surroundings and there is no need to feed them subsequently
nutrients, as is often the case with other breeds. Joselito Farm also belongs to the FSC
(Forest Sterawdship Council) - Yearly, 70,000 to 80,000 oaks are included
into a reforesting program.
jamon iberico

The process of aging and drying the ham starts with salmon. It is preserving and stabilizing enzymes,
so that the ham remains in perfect condition. Despite this, ham does not have a high salt content
some species may appear to have a sweet taste. Over the winter, the legs are hanging in the drying rooms to make them
the salt could freely penetrate into the flesh and thus drain the moisture. In the spring and summer in the meat in
dryers to "sweep" - that means that the fat in the body penetrates and softens the muscle
mass. With the advent of autumn, the ham is placed in cellars where the temperature is controlled
humidity. There they mature for several years and it's just that part of the process where they get theirs
unmistakable flavor. The final stage is a careful selection of individual pieces. It is judged
appearance, smell and, of course, taste. For this work are specially trained masters in the field
- maestro jamonero. After this test, the ham can go into the world.
Few extras: As has been said, Hamon is not only appreciated for its excellent
taste. Studies conducted by different universities have shown that ham reduces cholesterol and cholesterol
has a lower content of triacylglycerol than other ham in research. Contains Vitamin E,
a natural antioxidant that slows down the signs of aging. All ham is free
gluten and glutamate.

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