Montesano, Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva Extremadura, ham with bone, 7 - 7.8 kg Jamon serrano Gran Reserva in Extremadura. Jamon matures in the traditional way for at least 22 months. The weight of the jam is about 7-7.8kg. The price may change if the weight of the product does not match.

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Jamon Serrano de Extremadura Gran Reserva - Jamon Serrano can not be missed in Spain on any occasion. Perhaps in every family you will find the cut leg of dried ham, which gradually decreases. This Spanish Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva ham from Extremadura is one of the best products that can be found in Spain and is considered a real jewel.

Ages min. 22 months and weighs 7 - 7.8kg.

Great as a gift for someone you really care about.

How do we know the best Jamon Serrano? We should be guided by two basic rules:

1st maturity (at least 14 months, the longer the product is more delicious, the less mature the cheeses are cheaper, but the meat is not so good and the experts are very cautious about buying the unripe pieces)

2. Origin (the most famous areas of Jamona Serrano are mainly Extramadura and Teruel)

The minimum durability period is 1 year

Origin: Spain, Extremadura

Manufacturer: Montesano

We are a direct importer of this product

Manufacturer Montesano
Country of origin Spain

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