Gramona, Gessami, D.O.Penedes, white wine, 0,375l The white, dry wine Gramona Gessamí will charm you with its wonderful jasmine aroma and transport you to the gardens of Jaume Gramona's summer house.

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White, dry wine Gramona Gessamí from the wine region D.O. Penedés is made from Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel, Gewürztraminer varieties. The wine will charm you with its light body and very intense citrus taste. The fragrance itself is like a spring walk - the scent of jasmine, orange blossoms and fresh fruit (pineapple and peach). The pleasant acid takes a long time to catch up. Gessamí is inspired by the scents that wafted through the garden of Jaume Gramona's summer house in his childhood.
It is the perfect fresh wine to enjoy with appetizers, salads, vegetables, fish and paella, as well as exotic cuisines such as Japanese and Indian.
The land is cultivated in an ecological and biodynamic way. In the winery, they use sustainable practices, including reducing the weight of our packaging, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of their transport, using renewable energies such as solar power. All of this helps to maintain a rich and diverse ecosystem that benefits the environment and therefore the grapes you use to make your wines.
Manufacturer Gramona
Ročník 2022
Area of origin DO Penedés
Alcohol content 11 %
Variety Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel, Gewürztraminer
Bottle size 0.375 l
Country of origin Spain

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