MURIA, BIO rosemary honey, 470g Excellent honey of white to light amber color of intense but delicate aroma that has been grown in southern Spain and is a product of organic farming. Great especially in combination with salads, both vegetable and fruit.

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BIO Honey from rosemary boasts a very light color and floral aroma with camphoric tones. Great accompaniments include lettuce, fruit salads, teas and light dairy products such as fresh cheeses and yogurts. It excels in combination with grilled cod or lamb.
The history of family Muria dates back to 1810, when this family decided to pursue the business of beekeeping. Since then, the sixth generation has been taking care of the company. The company is located in the Perelló area of Taragona, known as the "honey village," because Muria has just become the first honey producer in Catalonia. Their honey has gained worldwide reputation and has already won many international awards.
Package size: 470g
Country of origin: Spain
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Manufacturer MURIA
Package size 470 g
Country of origin Spain