The grilling season is here

31. Května 2018 The grilling season is here

Summer begins and the grilling season is already behind the door, so we come up with a novelty and this is the number one on the global market used in Michelin restaurants - the Josper grill coal.

What does Josper Wood Benefit have?

  • up to twice the burning time compared to common types of softwood charcoal
  • high heatiness and very low sparkle
  • an extraordinary smoky flavor that delivers a fantastic flavor to the dishes
  • minimum residual ash
  • suitable for preparing meat, steaks, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, apples, desserts and seafood
  • natural organic product - plant biomass that does not pollute the environment
  • ideal for grilling in all types of grills

What is the quality of charcoal?

Josper Wood Grill Coal delivers intense smoke flavor. It is made of hard Cuban wood and has a pleasant aroma. Special technology makes charcoal from this wood. By doing so, most of the water gets more water and increases its calorific value. Charcoal is a natural biomass that does not pollute the environment and is environmentally friendly. Charcoal Marabu leaves a very small amount of residual ash. Charcoal is produced by carbonization of hardwood in kilns at temperatures between 400 ° C and 700 ° C without access to air.

Coal made from this hard Cuban wood is suitable for professional use in gastronomy, especially in the HORECA segment, for grilling in all types of grills.

It is very easy to ignite, has low sparkle, high calorific value and very little residual ash.

Stay in the summer with us. We have 2.5 kg bags for your unique barbecue:

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