Vegatoro, Olives Manzanilla with pita, 2500g Excellent olives of the Manzanilla variety with pecans in natural brine. They are characterized by a mass consistency and a specific taste, suited to salad or tapas while sitting with friends.

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The green olives of the Manzanilla variety are characterized by a smaller size compared to the Gordal variety. They are fleshy, soft, with a small backyard and unique flavor.
Olives are an important source of vitamins A and E, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and iron. It protects against civilization diseases, reduces cholesterol and, thanks to lutein, has a positive effect on the condition of the eyes and skin.
Package Content: 2500g
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer VEGATORO
Package size 2500 g
Variety of olives Manzanilla
Country of origin Spain