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Since 1905, Victoria Arduino has specialized in the production of the best quality espresso coffee machines. It uses both proven technology as well as a number of modern and innovative approaches to its production. All Victoria Arduino coffee makers are manufactured manually, which guarantees the originality and individuality of each coffee maker that is made.
Josper is an innovative combination of grill and oven, which has been a major breakthrough in modern gastronomy. For many years, Josper has been creating special steel alloys and other unique technologies to make all-day cooking at 300-350 degrees Celsius. The result is fast preparation of meals and preservation of their structure, warmth and taste.
The biggest advantage is the fantastic flavor and structure of meat, fish and vegetables after preparation in Josper. Evidence is that Josper uses the best chef of the world René Redzepi, Ferran Adria, Gordon Ramsey, Martin Berasategui, Joel Robouchon, etc. Similarly high quality and design unique is the offer of hand made plates Luesma Vega from Barcelona.
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