Turron - Nougat with almonds, San Andres, 100g Spanish confectionery - soft nougat with almonds. A favorite delicacy of the Spaniards at Christmas dinner.

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Spanish confectionery - soft nougat with almonds
Soft nougat is made by heating sugar with glucose syrup, honey and then mixing roasted almonds. Typical sweet taste, aroma and structure of soft nougat. All San Andres products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality controls certified by the IFS standard, which combine traditions and new production processes. 100% natural ingredients of first-class quality are used in all nougats. All care and attention is paid to the production of sweets and nougats
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Pavel25. 12. 2022

  • sugar
  • almonds (30%)
  • glucose syrup
  • fructose
  • copper
  • wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil)
  • the egg white
  • aroma: vanillin
Výrobce San Andrés
Velikost balení 100 g
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