Ice cider, Hibernis, Martínez Sopeña Hermanos, 0,375l A single varietal ice cider made from Verdialona apples hand-picked during the last fortnight of December at a farm in San Justo. Processing We obtain must by traditional pressing. Its cryoconcentration gives rise to a higher proportion of sugars, always above 35 °Brix, balanced constant acidity and a significant increase in the primary or varietal aromas of a ripe apple. Fermentation and aging of the enriched must takes place in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature for at least 6 months. The resulting ice cider has an alcohol content of 11.5% by volume and is refined in French oak barrels for 6 weeks. Tasting notes Visual: golden yellow with bright reflections, with dense and persistent bubbles Smell: aroma of green and ripe apple and white fruit (peach and plum). Palate: a sweet start that gives way to strong, sustained and refreshing acidity. Service In a glass, at an ideal temperature of 8°C Valuation The best ice cider produced at the Asturias Nava Cider Festival (2018 edition).

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Brothers Roberto and Francisco Martínez Sopeño launched Cider el Gobernador in 1993. Since then, the winery has grown, innovated and diversified its production while maintaining an identity closely linked to the territory.
The history of Cider El Gobernador begins in 1993, when brothers Roberto and Francisco Martínez Sopeño, aged 27 and 26, decided to materialize an idea that had been brewing for a long time. The adventure was quite risky because of the huge tradition and respect they feel in Asturias for the cider sector. But the Martínez Sopeña brothers were not newbies, having run the well-known cider house El Faraón in Villavicios with their family from an early age. This allowed them to have a wider view of the world of cider and was a key factor in the rapid growth of the company, which is currently one of the cider presses with the highest volume of production in Asturias.
They started with the production of El Gobernador natural cider, which gave the winery its name. Over time, innovation and cooperation with the PDO Sidra de Asturias Regulatory Council, they develop new products to this day, in which, in addition to the mentioned cider El Gobernador, they produce ciders Sopeña (traditional PDO natural cider from Asturias), Españar (a new expression of natural cider DOP Cider from Asturias) , Emilio Martínez Brut Nature (natural sparkling cider DOP Sidra from Asturias) and Hibernis (ice cider) and Llagar de Oles vinegar.
Manufacturer Martínez Sopeña Hermanos
Alcohol content 12.5 %
Bottle size 0.375 l
Country of origin Spain

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