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Sidra Natural, El Gobernador, Martínez Sopeña Hermanos, 0,7l Spanish sidra from Asturias. It has a light golden color, a pleasant apple fresh aroma and a delicate sour taste of apples.

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Natural cider is made from carefully selected best varieties of cider apples. They are crushed and pressed to obtain must, which, after alcoholic fermentation and aging, creates this wonderful sidra.
No filtration is used during production, causing sediment to settle in the bottle. To dilute these sediments and improve the properties of this sidra, it is recommended that the bottle be inverted slightly and poured from a height in a traditional manner before opening. How to read on the blog.
Serve chilled.
Alcohol content: 6%
Country of origin: Spain

JAVIER ONATE15. 10. 2023

Výrobce Martínez Sopeña Hermanos
Obsah alkoholu 6 %
Velikost lahve 0,7 l
Země původu Španělsko

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