Sheep cheeses

Today there is some special cheese in every region of Spain, and most of these typical specialties, whether from cow's, sheep's or goat's milk, have been awarded the DO - designation of origin. The most popular are cheeses from the north of Spain, where their production has the longest tradition, but the Balearic cheeses, such as Menorca cheese Mahon or the Canary Islands, have become the forefront of the diet, as part of the diet of the indigenous people of Guancha. For Northern Spain, for example, Aragon's Tronchón cheese, made from sheep's or goat's milk, Cabrales blue cow cheese from Asturias, Tealla Galicia cow's cheese, Roncal's Navarre sheep's cheese, or a myriad of Catalan cheeses but are made mainly from cow's milk, while the excellent Extremadura cheeses are made mainly from goat's milk (Los Ibores, La Vera, Las Hurdes). In the world ranking of cheeses, the Spanish always find themselves on the highest floors of the imaginary chart, often even before the French cheeses. For example, in November 2016, the world's most prestigious World Cheese Awards was held in Basque San Sebastiano / Donostii, where 3,000 cheeses from 250 countries were registered. Cheese was judged by an international jury of 266 cheese experts. She chose the top 16 cheeses of the world, including seven Spanish cheeses, including the world-famous Manchego cheese.
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