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Montesano, Salchichon cular iberico, Salame, 1kg The traditional, slightly spiced salami is made from Iberian black pigs. Their meat is especially excellent because they only feed on acorns and grass as well as in the wild.

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Delicatessen from the Iberian Black Pig that is splendidly spiced up and offers an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Black Iberian pigs are specially fed acorns and grass, which guarantees high quality meat. In addition, their fat strengthens with muscle mass and forms delicate "veins". It is said that the fat of the Iberian pig is very healthy for the human organism. Experts compare it to, for example, olive oil.

Approximate weight: 1 - 1.2kg

Origin: Spain, Extremadura

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Manufacturer Montesano
Country of origin Spain