Sal de Ibiza, Chips with white truffle, 45g The new range of chips flavored with the white truffle is an extraordinary delicacy that you instantly fall in love with. Excellent clarification of the glass of wine.

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Luxury potatoes that cause addiction. Selected potatoes are cut into thin slices and golden browned on sunflower oil. The irresistible, elegant taste is provided by the sea salt and the white truffle flavor.
SAL de IBIZA is a company focused on 100% sea salt products in the highest possible quality. Its production comes exclusively from the nature reserve "Parc Natural de ses Salines d'Eivissa". SAL de IBIZA products are free of any additives and preservatives. The salt is only dried by the sun and dries in an ancient stone mill. In this way, SAL de IBIZA retains more than 80 important minerals and trace elements.
Package contents: 45 g
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer SAL by IBIZA
Package size 45 g
Country of origin Spain

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