Caribbean rums are inherently part of Hispanic culture. In our offer outside Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan, Guatemalan, you can also find Spanish rums such as Mentidero or Cabeza de la Vaca.

Caribbean rums slaves, sailors, pirates, politicians, laborers, just everybody. Over time, rum became one of the main raw materials that local colonies produced and exported to the entire world. Rum created the local economy, often moving through history.

Even today, the Caribbean is the place where much of the world's production of this alcohol is produced. Caribbean rums are simply a classic of time.

Each island has its own tastes and tastes. For example, Spanish-speaking islands such as Cuba or Haiti and the Dominican Republic are known to be more subtle tastes. Often right here comes white Caribbean rum. By contrast, English-speaking islands, such as Barbados, Trinidad or Jamaica, produce more pronounced pieces. Here you will find darker Caribbean rums.

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