Chocolate with orange in a tin box, Rafa Gorrotxategi, 60g 80% dark chocolate from the best cocoa beans is flavored with an orange aroma. The result is an excellent delicacy that combines the full taste of chocolate with a refreshing hint of orange. Definitely will please every lover of quality dark chocolate.

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80% dark chocolate flavored with orange aroma is produced in the form of smaller lenses, which will make it easier for you to decide how big a piece to break. But beware, this delicacy is extremely addictive and you won't be left with just one piece! A sinful delicacy that we recommend to all lovers of quality chocolates.
Rafa Gorrotxategi is already the third generation of Basque confectioners of the Gorrotxategi family. Since childhood, he has been engaged in confectionery, gradually gaining experience in many internships and courses in Germany, France and also in Spain itself, where he still works with the most famous chefs: Arzak, Berasategui, Atxa, Subijana. In their restaurants awarded 3 Michelin stars, you can enjoy pastry creations such as Xax, etc. For many years, Rafa has been one of the world's top confectioners and makes many gourmets happy. Rafa Gorrotxategi cares about the tradition of handicraft production and at the same time is not afraid of innovation. It often surprises its customers with new products and a unique combination of flavors.
Manufacturer Rafa Gorrotxategi
Package size 60 g
Country of origin Spain

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