Figs in chocolate, 8 bonbons, Rabitos Royale, 142g Royal figs stuffed with chocolate truffle and brandy. Rabitos Royale - are the finest Mediterranean figs, chocolate with brandy and dipped in a fine layer of chocolate. There are 8 figs in the pack.

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La higuera is the Spanish term for a biblical tree fig tree, which has been grown from Asia to the entire Mediterranean region. His fetus was one of the most sought-after delights across Mediterranean cultures throughout the history of mankind. The fig is significant not only for its taste but also for its exceptional nutritional properties.
It was Plato's favorite dish, in fact it is known as the fruit of philosophers. La higuera is a family-owned company founded in 1989. Located in Extramadura, specifically in the village of Almoharín, which is renowned throughout Spain for its excellent figs. This area has a privileged climate that allows the cultivation of a unique variety of figs called "calabacita", which is characterized by its maturity and wonderful sweetness.
Manufacturer Rabitos Royale

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