Pago de los Capellanes

Our mission is to express our country through wines that are handcrafted, timeless and have a successful future ahead. Wines are designed for your pleasure.

We process our land with traditional meadows and strict winemaking, adapt the method used for each plot according to its diversity. During the plant growth cycle, we perform a number of operations (pruning of idle and green vineyards, cutting and sorting of fruit) so we guarantee the quality, concentration and complexity of our raw material for 5,000 kg / ha, which we harvest.

We use 14 kilo of boxes for the annual harvest. In the winery, the fruit passes through the second hand selection on the conveyor belt, the stems are removed and our system ensures that the grapes reach the tanks completely and intact. Inside the tanks, alcohol fermentation takes place using our carefully selected native yeast, which allows us to preserve all the important characteristics; followed by malolactic fermentation.

Once the fermentation processes are completed, the wines mature and refine in selected 300 liters of French oak barrels in the underground cellar - 10 meters below ground at constant temperature and humidity. After a ripening period in oak barrels, wines are bottled without cleaning or filtration and stored in a bottle. This rest period is extremely valuable, with respect and peace being the basic ideas we profess to offer you the best results of our work.

The winery is built around a group of old nuts, where you will never lose sight of the vineyard.

Pago de los Capellanes