Spices in the Valencian paella, Carmencita 12g A blend of spices to produce a typical Valencia-paella dish. Thanks to this spice you will get great and authentic flavors.

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This savory mix of authentic spices is the perfect base for Paella Valenciana. Real saffron, garlic, rosemary, thyme and other seasonings bring out the full flavor of your paella. 

Contents: 3 bags, net weight 12g 

Origin: Spain 

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Ladislav04. 04. 2022

  •      garlic
  •      sweet paprika
  •      black pepper
  •      maltodextrin
  •      rosemary
  •      thyme
  •      clove
  •      salt
  •     saffron extract
  •     saffron (1%).
Manufacturer Carmencita
Country of origin Spain

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