Professional knife for Jamon Narrow long elastic knife made of excellent steel suitable for slicing a jar of serrano. Knife for ham used by professionals. Long service life and Quality Grant.

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How to proceed with slicing a jar of serrano: 1) It recommends you to place the ham in the stand, otherwise fix and prepare a very sharp knife 2) Cut off the fat layer from any side (do not throw). 3) Turn the knife through the circular movement of the small and tiny pieces of ham up to 4cm (preferably translucent). These smaller pieces are better enjoyed on the palate and increase the taste of the ham. 4) When you reach the bone, you turn the ham and start the same way from the opposite side. 5) If you want Jamon to last for longer, we recommend to attach the cut off fat to the cut and attach it with a cloth or cloth. This prevents the drying of the ham. 6) If mold appears on the ham, do not panic! Mold is considered as part of natural maturation and is considered positive. In Spanish driers you will find ham all over white mold. It is recommended to overcoat with sunflower oil. olive. 7) The recommended storage temperature is 23 ° C (room temperature). 8) For your safety, please ask for increased attention during slicing! Do not bend with your other hand on the leg in the direction of the cut!

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