• Suitable for ham
  • Suitable for cheese

Celler Sort del Castell, Yzaguirre, Mar & Sol, Sangria Clarea, 0,75l Sangria Mar & Sol is made from excellent white wines and natural extracts of citrus fruits and tropical fruits. Very refreshing and tasty alcoholic beverage.

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Sangria Clarea is a sweet and refreshing drink that boasts the original flavor and aroma of grapes from which the primary wine is made and the unique flavor and scent of fruit juices that blend in with the basic wine. The quality of this sangria offers the opportunity to drink it alone or to mix it with ice without the need to add any kind of alcohol.
We recommend serving it cool and enjoying it with your friends.
Perfect for paella, seafood, nuts or olives. Do not spoil anything if you open it for a barbecue.
Manufacturer Yzaguirre
Alcohol content 7 %
Bottle size 0.75 l
Country of origin Spain

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