Manchego Semicurado with black truffle, 3 months ageing, sheep cheese, Campoveja Excellent sheep cheese with an elegant and delicate taste, which is perfectly complemented by the delicate aroma of truffles. Cheese for special occasions, which perfectly complements a glass of quality red wine.

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Delicious semi-hard cheese made from sheep's milk and black truffles, which is characterized by a delicate taste, harder structure and marble color. The delicate aroma of truffles perfectly complements the pleasant taste of sheep's cheese. Great with a glass of quality red wine.
Campoveja is a Castilian family cheese company. The company is based in the middle of the Castilian Meseta, in the small town of Serrada in the province of Valladolid. The love of craftsmanship and the traditional methods of making the best cheeses have been passed down in the Sanz family from generation to generation for several decades. The basis of the highest quality cheeses is always pure nature, traditional production and quality raw material. In combination with maximum care and love, unique cheeses of first-class quality are created.
  • raw sheep's milk
  • rennet
  • salt
  • ferments
  • truffle
Country of origin Spain

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