Albert y Ferran Adria, Malto, Molecular kitchen, 1000 g Malto is a great texture made by Alberta y Ferran Adria, which contains no calories and is capable of delivering a lot of energy, which is especially appreciated by people who hold the diet. It has a wide use of molecular cuisine primarily because of its oil absorbing properties.

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Malto is a product based on maltodextrin, which is formed by breaking down starch molecules, in this case tapioca. It is just slightly sweetish and does not contain any calories. It is most often used as a filler, but also absorbs oil. It is used in the food industry to produce beverages, soups, dairy products and caramel.
It comes in a fine powder form. Mixing it with oil (2: 1) turns into a powder which is very easy to handle and which dissolves completely when it comes to acidic food.
Package Content: 1000 g
Country of origin: Spain
Manufacturer Albert and Ferran Adrià
Package size 1000 g
Country of origin Spain