Mahon semicurado, cow cheese, Quesos Binillubet Mahon semicurado is the flagship product of the island of Menorca. It is a cow's cheese that matures for 3 months in underground cellars. It is characterized by a delicate milk taste with a nutty flavor. The whole piece weighs approx. 2.2 kg

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The cheese is made from cows' milk at low temperature. Its taste is full of cream-like flavor of lactose, which fills the mouth with the sweetness of milk. In the background, it is slightly acidic, it can also feel a delicate flavor of nuts. Its shape resembles a parallelogram with rounded sides; on the surface we find a protected designation that occurred in 1985. You can consume it yourself or it can be used for cooking and sandwiches.

Hmotnost celého sýru je cca 2,2kg, Uvedená cena je za 1kg

Origin: Spain, Menorca

We are a direct importer of this product.

Manufacturer Quesos Binillubet
Country of origin Menorca

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