Vinicola Real - The Legend of Birth

23. Května 2018 Vinicola Real - The Legend of Birth

Vinícola Real was born with the profession of a small production winery specializing in high quality wines from its own vineyards, a traditional winemaking model.

The wine culture of Rioja has its historical roots in the Middle Ages and the medieval monasteries. Bodegas Vinícola Real and its flagship 200 Monges were born from these ancestors of the precedent, as this brand is a tribute to the history of Albey de Iregua.

Vinícola Real was created with the idea of a small production winery specializing in high quality wines from its own vineyards. It is a traditional wine-growing model whose main objective is to obtain original and unique wines.

During the harvest, each grape is collected carefully to avoid breeding. The final check is carried out in the selection table, where each group of grapes is checked one at a time.

All technical equipment of the winery is adapted to a small and high-quality production process.

When visiting the winery, everyone will enchant not only excellent wines, but also spaces, architecture and above all people who continue in tradition and work on the delicacy of each individual bottle. The winery also includes a magnificent hotel, which enchants every architectural aspect. We definitely recommend stopping and enjoying the well-being of Vinicola Real.


Deep, intense red with tones of ripe red fruit, tobacco, cedar and truffles on the nose: a very pure, intense scent. Good body on the palate, with fine tannins from careful barrel aging and very well balanced. A harder mouth feel with light tones of liquorice and a long, silky and elegant finish.


Intense red with purple hues, complex, delicate and elegant scent on the nose. Pleasant coffee and chocolate on the floor, heavier with excellent balance and yet refreshing acidity.

Finally, let us invite you to our upcoming special wine tasting with Vinicola Real Winery, Mrs. Myriam Ruiz, on Tuesday 5 June at 19:30 . Please keep in mind that everyone interested in booking a seat at because of limited capacity.

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