Various and full of surprises, it's Rueda

13. Listopadu 2018 Various and full of surprises, it's Rueda

Rueda is the Spanish wine-growing region spanning west of Spain between Salamanca, Avila and Valladolid. This area was famous for white wines. The main cultivated varieties are Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. The wines of the Vedejo variety have a fruity aroma with tones of tropical fruit.

The area is labeled Denominacion de origen (abbreviation DO), wines originating in this region have a designation of origin designation.

José Pariente

In 1960, the winemaker José Pariente began manually producing white wines from extraordinary quality raw materials: grapes from Rueda vineyards. He diligently expanded his knowledge of viticulture and believed in his country, in the quality and pleasure of making wine. His desire to produce great white wine is the goal of the current winery founded by his daughter Victoria Pariente in 1998.

Twenty years later, José Pariente winery maintains a clear philosophy: innovation and modernity, respect for the vineyard, and a firm commitment to research and development.

Since 2015, wine-making has started several research and development studies, both in the wine-growing and production sectors. It has developed an integrated vineyard management system that enables better use of its natural resources. All this in the environment of organic winemaking in order to improve the qualitative expression of the harvest and improve its wine potential.

The five white wines from the winery are the honor of José Pariente. The winery has three Verdejo varieties (José Pariente Verdejo, mainly fermented and special cuvée) and two Sauvignon Blanc wines (Sauvignon Blanc and Apasionado de José Pariente).

DO Rueda / José Pariente Apasionado

White sweet wine of light yellow color with slightly greenish reflections. The aroma is full of many different sensations from the scent of freshly cut grass to exotic fruits. The delicate scent of minerals adds to this attraction. The wine is very clean and fresh, round, very complex and very long.

DO Rueda / José Pariente Verdejo

The Pariente family has been devoted to wine production for more than 30 years. It prefers to produce a small series of quality wine before mass production.

Fruit wine, with distinctive tropical fruit, maracuja and citrus. A very elegant and fresh wine with a long, enjoyable experience.

DO Rueda / José Pariente Verdejo Barrico

This delicious wine comes from the old vineyards of Rueda Verdejo's most characteristic and traditional grapes. For 1 year mature in oak barrels, then 2 months before bottling it is sealed in stainless steel tanks. This process takes on its unique flavor.


In 2003, the Arvino family, the Anton family, extended to the Toro area, well aware of the future potential of the region. After selecting different vineyards, they produced the first vintage Vetus, a wine designed to retain the essence of the region but new nuances and goals.

The success of the wine has encouraged them to establish a manor in the heart of the region and build a winery that was opened in 2008.

DO Toro / Vetus / Vetus

Wine comes from Villabuena del Puente vineyards with very low production. Harvesting is done manually, as well as the subsequent selection of berries. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, for maturing in French oak barrels for 12 months.

Excellent wine full of cherry flavors with liquorice, roasted coffee, anise and marmalade made from dark forest fruits. On the floor it is sweeter, has well-balanced acids and tannins. Very lively wine.

Rolland Galarreta

Founded in 1993, ARAEX Rioja Alavesa led by Javier Galarret; associated a group of winegrowers from Rioja Alavesa and later other major Spanish regions to join forces and sell wines internationally. Today it is the brand of fine ARAEX Grands wines in Spain and is the exporter, grower and brand of the owners of internationally recognized Spanish wines, which are now presented in more than 70 countries. We are the leading group of independent Spanish winemakers with a sales volume of more than 11 million bottles on the international market.

The company continued to develop, and in 2013, twenty years after we started, we created Grand Wines Premium, an innovation division. Grand Wines Premium also gives the opportunity to grow new product lines such as Villa Conchi Cava, Gran Sello wines "Vino de la Tierra" and the international brand of Rolland Galarreta premium wine.

DO Rueda / Rolland / Galarreta

This excellent white wine comes from the DO Rueda area and the Rolland Galarreta winery. This is a young wine that rolls into bottles without a ripening process. Its color is straw yellow, the scent is soft, fresh and aromatic with tones of tropical fruit and melon, minerals and flowers. The taste is complex and intense, combines the freshness and sparkling of this wine, on the tongue the presence of tropical fruit and citrus tones.

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