Toro DO - fresh wines from arid soil

11. Dubna 2018 Toro DO - fresh wines from arid soil

Toro DO - wine region in northern Spain in Castile and León, Zamora province. The harsh continental climate of the Atlantic character is characterized by great differences in temperatures between a hard winter and a long, sunny summer in which the rain is scarce. Thanks to this, the soil is dry to sandy.

The red wines are represented by the ruby Tinta de Toro, resembling the Tempranillo variety, adds to its unique aroma, freshness and unmistakable aroma of fruit full of fine wood tones.

White wines from this area are mostly dry with a bitter bitterness in taste.

Red wines are exclusively made from 100% Tinta de Toro grapes, from which we will present the following forms:

Young Red: Best to drink within one year of production

Roble : young red between three to six months of production (may include Garnacha)

Crianza : At least two years old, of which at least six months in mature oak barrels

Reserva : aged at least three years old and at least one year aged in oak barrel

Gran Reserva : At least five years old, of which at least two years mature in oak barrel

Rosé wines are made from varieties in proportion of 50% Tinta de Toro and 50% Garnacha.

White wines are made from 100% Verdejo or 100% Malvasia.

It is allowed to produce from the following varieties:

Red Wines: Tinta de Toro, Garnacha.

White Wines: Verdejo, Malvasia.

Amongst the wineries of this area are Teso la Monja, Mauro and Vetus.

Mauro Prima

Delicious dark cherry wine with garnet reflections is made from the Tinta de Toro and Garnacha varieties. Grapes are grown on 10-35 year old vineyards in the DO Toro area, where there is a high temperature difference between the day and night, which guarantees that the wines have a great aromatic potential that is very captivating.

Both varieties are processed separately in containers of different material to avoid losing their original flavor. Wine maturing lasts 14 months in barrels of French and American oak.

Varieties: Tinta de Toro, Garnacha

We recommend serving at 16 ° C.

You definitely do not touch this wine as you treat it to roasted beef, veal, sheep cheese, legumes, game and grilled meats.

Alcohol content: 14.5%

Flor de Vetus

Dark cherry color with charming violet reflections. Wine is aromatic, enchanted by unmistakable fruit tones - ripe cherry, blackberries, you can feel the smell of balsamic. The taste is sweeter, intense, with a light end of liquorice.

Ripening takes place for 10 months in barrels of American and French oak.

Alcohol content: 13.5%

Serve at a temperature between 16-17 ° C

We guarantee that you will be best pleased with meat, grilled vegetables, lamb and red meat.

Teso at Monja

The red Victorino wine comes from the Toro spanish wine region and the Teso La Monja winery. Vineyards are over 40 years old and harvesting takes place manually as well as subsequent selection of grapes. The fermentation takes place at 28 ° C for 8 days, the wine matured in French oak barrels of 18 months, which are then noticeable in the delicious taste of the wine. The Victorino wine has a crimson color and a wonderful aroma of red fruit with spicy tones. American wine expert Robert Parker awarded him 98 points.

The Teso la Monja winery is based on a careful selection of old low-production vines. Significant enologist Marcus Eguren, an enologist of the year 2012, according to the prestigious magazine Wine Enthusiast, produces unique wines with distinctive elegance that retain their high standard and complexity for the area.

Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro

We recommend serving at temperatures between 16-18 ° C. Do not make the mistake of enjoying it in combination with steaks, red meat and cheeses of cheese.

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