Refreshing cocktails with a sidru

13. Srpna 2018 Refreshing cocktails with a sidru

Spanish cider or sidra has built a dedicated fan base for its specific and refreshing taste. Bottles can be enjoyed alone, but they can also beautifully show up in cocktails. Ingredients such as lemon, amaro and Aperol can increase the taste of Spanish must - here are five sidra cocktails that you have to try!

Anxo's Sidra Spritz

Fresh versions of Aperol Spritz.

5 sidras

1 Aperol

Tools: spoon

Ornamentation: a slice of orange

Pour Aperol into a glass and add ice. Bake the bush. Finally decorate.

First Wave

An unexpected blend of Scottish, Amara, Citrus and Sidra creates a great drink for drinking with friends.

1 Scotch whiskey stick

½ Zucca spell

1 drink of fresh grapefruit juice

½ lemon juice fresh lemon juice

½ stick of Demerara syrup

3 spikes of dry Spanish sidra

Tools: shaker, sieve

Decoration: lemon peel

Combine the first 5 ingredients in the ice shaker. Shake until it cools and pour into the glass through the ice. Add the sidru and adorn it upstairs.

The Long Walk Home

Excellent blend of sider with sweetheart of amarose.

1 shot of bourbon

1 Ramazzotti

¾ lemon of fresh lemon juice

¾ syrup from burlap sugar syrup (1: 1)

2 Basque or Angostura bitters

Sidru finally

Tools: shaker

Ornamentation: cherry

Mix all the ingredients except the sider in a shaker full of ice. Pour into a glass full of ice, add sidru and decorate the cherries.

Sidra Car

Live Sidecar riff, which contains sparkling sider and lime bark.

1/2 Grand Marnier

½ lemon juice fresh lemon juice

¼ simple sorry p (1: 1)

2 sidras

Tools: shaker, sieve

Adornment: thin slices of apple, freshly grated lime peel

Mix Grand Marnier, lemon juice and simple syrup in an ice shaker. Pour into the cooled glass and then add the cooled sidere and decorate.

Sidra Ponche

Two Spanish classics - sherry and sidra - meet in this cocktail, full of citrus.

1 brandy

1 fever fino sherry

½ lobster of fresh lemon juice

½ lobster demerara simple syrup (2: 1)

1½ sidra

Tools: shaker, sieve, small sieve

Adornment: a slice of lemon

Mix brandy, sherry, lemon juice and syrup in a shaker and fill with ice. Then shake until cooling down, then pour into chilled glass, add Sidra and fill the glass with ice.

Get to know our sidra:

Sidra: Astarbe

Refreshing Sider fruit taste from the Basque country in Spain. Sidra is fresh, ideal as a cocktail or light summer drink!

Sidra: Byhur

Traditional Spanish cider from the Basque Country and produced by the so-called double fermentation method over a 12-month period, which gives it a dry and balanced flavor. Excellent accompaniment to any appetizer, especially excellent seafood.

Sidra: Byhur 24

To produce this delicious cider, apples of autochthonous Basque variety are used. It is produced by the same method as champagne, ie with double fermentation, when the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. For 24 months, when it is ripened by the sur le method on its own yeasts, it gets a dry and full flavor. It is flavored with roasted and mature apples.

The name Byhur is a multilingual pun. It is a Basque word that means an uninvited child. At the same time, Hur Astarbe is the main supplier of cider, so the word can be translated as "by Hur", so produced by Hur.

We finally add an invitation to Sidra's days with us at Vyšehraská 6 in Prague 2. Stop at any time from 16th to 18th August every day from 9am to 8pm and enjoy the uniqueness of this world-famous drink.

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