Picturesque La Rioja

19. Ledna 2018 Picturesque La Rioja
The picturesque area in the north of Spain, surrounded by Navarro and Castile and León, is a renowned wine region whose wines are appreciated all over the world. Vinohrady, which are variously scattered around the countryside, protect the mountains from the bad weather. A small country on the River Oja (Río Oja) is the dream of every lover of good food, as the local cuisine is varied and tasty. Paprika sausages, fresh camerano goat cheese and almond desserts will delight every mellow tongue. In today's paper, however, we look at wines that are probably the most typical product for La Rioja and are worth exploring and, above all, tasting.

The wine region of DO or DO Ca Rioja (Denominación de Origen Calificada, a trademark of origin and quality) is divided into three sub-regions whose wines are different, yet we can say that they are somehow intermingled ...

The wines of the westernmost region of La Rioja Alta are renowned for their fine, elegant taste and moderate alcohol content. However, if you prefer a fruity wine, head to the neighboring La Rioja Alavesa, located in the Basque Country.

Dark grapes and wines with high alcoholic potential give the land of the La Rioja Baja subdivision, extending from the largest city of Logroño to the Navarre region. Winery has a long tradition in La Rioja. Nowadays, many practices have been modernized, La Rioja is even one of the most modern wine regions in Spain at all, but Rioja winemakers are reluctant to rely on the work of human hands.

The most important grape varieties in La Rioja area
White varieties are cultivated on only 10% of the soil and are mainly used for spreading. The most important white grapes are Viura or Macabeo, from which a sparkling variety of wine is prepared.
Perhaps the most important variety for the production of red wines at all is Tempranillo, a characteristic fruity taste. It is the most popular Spanish variety. Other typical varieties are Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo.


Quality Classes of Rice Wines
La Rioja is the only Spanish wine region that bears the mark of origin and quality. DO CA is the highest category in which there are very strict requirements for grape quality. The entire process of wine production and sales itself are carried out under the watchful eye of the Consejo Regulador control body, which issues numbered labels designed only for wines meeting all the necessary standards.

The Classes of Rice Wines are as follows:
Vino sin crianza / Vino joven - A young wine ripening for a few months, she could spend some time maturing even in a barrel.
Vino de crianza - This wine has matured for 2 years, of which 1 year in a barrel, if it is red wine. Wine pink and white ripen in this case in a barrel for 6 months.
Reserva - Red wines of the Reserva category leave wine cellars after 36 months (of which 12 months must aged in barricade barrels).
Gran Reserva - Wines of exceptional age must be matured for at least 24 months in oak barrels and then for 36 months in a bottle.

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