Olive oil so good that you do not even need a salad

20. Července 2018 Olive oil so good that you do not even need a salad

Spanish olive oils are one of the best and most world-class valuables. Different climate conditions, different processing processes, and, last but not least, specific approaches to crops are the uniqueness of each bottle.

The quality of extra virgin olive oils depends on many aspects. The variety, age and quality of shrubs, climatic and natural conditions and, of course, the way they are processed. Ideal processing and knowledge yields unbelievable quality oils with a fantastic aroma and a delicious taste with a very low acidity of up to 0.1. The flavors of oils vary, some oils are bitter, especially those from Picual olives and others, for example, of the Arbequina variety are very fine. Positive health effects are significant.

Rincon from Subetica

This cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is the best you can indulge. He was awarded with countless gold medals at world competitions. You can find their list on the World's Best Oil Pages page. In 2013, he won dozens of gold medals and awards all over the world. This oil is worth trying, you will definitely love it.

It is made from the Hojiblanca variety and has a very intense aroma of freshly harvested olives, which is also perfectly balanced. In background, you can recognize a green apple, cut grass, mint and thyme. On the first floor it is sweetish, but later develops the taste of young almonds - slightly bitter and slightly spicy.

Parqueoliva serie Oro

Extra virgin olive oil originating in Andalusia is made from cold pressed Hojiblanco and Picuda olives. Olives are harvested from the second half of October until the end of December. Olive oil has the designation of origin of Priego de Córdoba (trade mark DO). It has an intense and fruity aroma, a very fine taste and a golden-yellow color with green shades. Awarded with countless gold medals at world competitions.

Massia El Alet High End

In Masía El Altet, from generation seventeenth century onwards, they set on energetic and robust olive trees. Capable of withstanding the unfavorable weather, yet producing the best fruits. This philosophy lasts until today, with the current owner of Jorge Petit.

Massia El Altet High End is an intensive and complex extra virgin olive oil, medium spicy and bitter. It contains a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Pago Baldios San Carlos Full Moon

Spanish company Pago Baldios San Carlos specializes in olives, olive oils and premium quality vine varieties. The plantations of this company have a perfect microclimate, the olives are hand-picked and further processed with love according to traditional methods. It is no wonder that the products of this company have already won a number of international awards and are used by the best restaurants in the world.

The full Moon oil and olives are specific because the olives are harvested at the full moon, which, according to the legend, brings eternal power, happiness and health. Whether it is true or not, olives harvested in this period have a more intense color and taste, which brings an unforgettable experience to your taste buds.

This olive oil is made from the Arbequina variety, and we notice traces of banana, strawberries and fresh herbs. Spice-making.

They would also like to invite you to taste these oils. Every salad with olive oil is better, but how do you choose this oil?

From 26th to 28th of July, we organize olive oil tastings for you to choose the one that will meet all your criteria and you will simply choose love for your life.

These days, from 9:00 to 20:00 , oil tasting will be held at Vyšehradská 6, Prague 2 . In addition, you will receive a gift for your purchase over CZK 1,500 .

We look forward to you!

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