Navarra - come with a touch of ocean

15. Října 2018 Navarra - come with a touch of ocean

Nav arra is a historic country, province and at the same time one of the 17 autonomous communities located in the north of Spain. The metropolis of the region, which was an independent kingdom in the Middle Ages, is Pamplona.

It has the title Denominación de Origen (DO), which extends over practically the entire southern half of the Navarra Autonomous Community. The vineyards are on the lower slopes of the Pyrenees, where they descend to the Ebro river basin.

The area has not only been celebrated for its famous rosé wines, but has also produced high quality red and white in recent years.

The climate in Navarre is continental (long, hot, dry summer and cold winter). Grapes have a dry continental climate with atmospheric influences and only mild heat at a time when grapes ripen, while nights are colder.


"The experience of our grandparents has become our wisdom and pattern of life."

They preserve the vintages of their grandparents and fight against the devastating progress that chemistry has brought into industrialized and disrespectful farming. It seeks to preserve the production and use of "living" wine with feelings and spirituality that integrate nature and vineyards into their own lives.

They approach the wine very respectfully and with great humility.

Artadi, Artazuri Garnacha 2015, DO Navarra

Delicious red wine of the Garnacha variety. The grapes come from vineyards over 60 years old, located at an altitude of 480 meters. It features a cherry color with garnet tones and a red-berry flavor on a balsamic basis. It is very tasty, balanced, good acidity and relatively short duration.

Variety: Garnacha

We recommend serving at 14 ° C. Ideally suited for roasted pork, lamb, wild and mature cheeses.


"We are a small family winery, headed by an oenological marriage - Maria Saenz de Olazabal and José Manuel Echeverría.

After years of working in various wineries and wine projects of different designations of origin, we have decided to develop our own wine, driven by the desire and concern that characterize us as wine lovers.

In 2000, our first harvest became a reality at the Los Arcos plants, which we created directly with us, with the vision of completing the cycle of the long wine tradition of our families. "

Alzania, Gardacho Crianza, DO Navarra

The name Gardacho originated according to a serpent who had previously liked to hang around the grapevine. Gardacho Crianza is an excellent red wine of high quality, made from three varieties and aged for 12 months in Baroque barrels of French and American oak. Wine of dark, purple color with aroma of Mediterranean herbs. The taste is fully developed, with light notes of vanilla and cedarwood. Gardacho Crianza is a full-bodied, full-bodied wine with fine tannins and long-lasting donation.

Alzania Finca La Moneda, DO Navarra

Finca La Moneda is a delicious red wine grown on a vineyard of the same name at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. The name of the vineyard comes from the coin that was found many years ago when cultivating the land. This red wine is made from three varieties which are processed separately. The fermentation takes place at 28.5 ° C and lasts for 13 days, the wine matures for 12 months in 1, 2 and 3 year old barrels.

The wine is characterized by a beautiful scarlet color, the aroma is complex and predominantly spicy and balsamic tones complete with the aroma of ripe red fruit.

Alzania 21 Del 10, DO Navarra

The excellent red wine of the Syrah variety was named in honor of the daughter of the winemakers of the Alzania winery, born on October 21st. The wine is grown on the vineyards of Los Arcos in Navarre, which surrounds its own winery at an altitude of 450 m above sea. The soil is less fertile and the production of wines is so very limited, but it guarantees a maximum concentration of aroma. The wine matures for 12 months in barrels of French oak.

Alzania 21 de 10 wine is characterized by a cherry color with violet shades and intense aroma, in which blackberries, violets and menthol predominate. The mouth is sweet, velvety gentle and at the same time very lively and intense.

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