Luis Cañas Winery - Precision, modern technology, traditional approach

19. Ledna 2018 Luis Cañas Winery - Precision, modern technology, traditional approach

Luis Cañas


● Four generations of a modest family

● Effort, perseverance, passion for good things and a clear philosophy of viticulture.

The history of our family - the Luis Cañas family - has been written for four generations.

● For more than a century, our family has been engaged in the production and sale of traditional

of young wines which are produced by the method of carbon maceration (whole grapes). This

the wine was produced in the ancient cellar of Cueva de los Curas dug in the ground,

which still shapes the landscape of this region.

● Past wine was carried by Carlos Cañas, father of Luis Cañas (who is now 87 years old)

on caravan towed mule over the Cantabrian Mountains and the Montes de Vitoria Mountains to

the areas bordering Bilbao and San Sebastián, more than 100 km from the city


● In 1928, the founder of Luis Cañas Winery was born. Perfectionist and thug like

few have always motivated pride and the desire to have the highest quality vineyards and so on

fall and high quality sparkling wine. The wines then swept up the taste buds

of the great wine merchants who were at Alhóndiga de


● In 1970, Luis Cañas began selling vintage young wine until then

sold only in barrels. In the same year, we set up Cueva de los Curas

a winery bearing our name, where we turn our passion for grapevine, which is

a true source of high quality wines in the Rioja Alavesa area.

Our vineyards

● We come out of the belief that "only the best grapes can emerge

the best wines ", from which our obsession with vineyards originates.

● In the heart of Rioja Alavesa, our vineyards are protected by the Cantabrian Mountains.

This is undoubtedly one of the best wine regions in the world. Small vineyard

area and advanced age are characterized by their location. They are in little

fertile clay-calcareous soils, mostly on slopes and terraces with ideal

microclimate and position that makes them unique.

● Due to these conditions, the grapevine produces a small amount of grapes of small size,

of excellent quality. On an area of approximately 400 hectares, on which the vineyards lie

owned and managed by the winery, is almost 900 parcels.

● Respect for the environment and effort of each human article involved in the production process is

the key to winning the benefits of a rational winery. Rational winery is

a system of agriculture that best favors natural resources and

mechanisms to ensure viable agriculture in the future. Biological a

chemical means and other methods are carefully selected to be in balance with

protection of the environment. Use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and aggressive

preparations or methods are strictly forbidden to protect the environment; and

preserving the enhanced grapevine immunity, which makes it able to defend itself from it

various influences. To accomplish this work we have a special department on which

an agricultural engineer, an agricultural engineer, an oenologist, and eight workers who are

pure craftsmen in vineyards.

● Our goal is to have a healthy ground (which is undoubtedly the best heritage that

we can leave it to future generations) and thus also healthy fruits and wines.


The challenge is for us to find perfect wines.

● The artistic work draws on the best vineyards we cultivate in accordance with

rational winemaking and respect for the environment throughout

vegetative cycle.

● We think there is no reason for the tradition to compete with innovative practices, and that is

possible to go hand in hand and improve together.

● Care, perfection and love are reflected in everything we do, from our own

grape transport, where we use small plastic containers at the oldest vineyards, and

young vineyards then small trailers.

● In addition to the selection of grapes in the vineyard, ALL wines of the Luis Cañas winery are

subject to a double selection. The first grapes are grabbed manually on the sorting table and then

each grape berry looks on the Mistral table so that only those of you can process it

of the highest quality.

● The finest processing. We use French and American barricade barrels, which

they come from the world's finest co-operatives. Barricade barrels continuously

and their average age is three years. Perfect luxury.

● We are bound by quality and society.

● In 2006, we launched a pioneering project in Spain, namely the construction of a residence

for farmers.

● The 40-person facility offers separate bedrooms for men and women, toilets,

a laundry room, an industrial kitchen, a dining room, a relaxation room and a nursing home. In

2008, this initiative was awarded by the Dato Económico magazine a prestigious Premio Solidarity Award

a to Empresa Solidaria.

● Because we always work in harmony with the environment and quality, we are

became the first winemaking in Spain, which was certified by BRC by the association

AENOR, ISO 14000 certificate and ISO 9002 quality certificate and we have opened our own

wastewater treatment plant.

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