Jamon Joselito - The Legend Between Hams

29. Ledna 2018 Jamon Joselito - The Legend Between Hams
Jamon joselito
Joselito is a small Spanish family business. But its fame far exceeds the edge of the city
Guijuelo, where he is. Joselito specializes in Iberian pig production and production
of the finest Iberian ham. Their products must not be missed in Michelin
restaurants and stars of contemporary gastronomy, such as award-winning Chef Ferran
Adraa or the famous wine critic Robert Parker will not let them.
"Joselito is not just a brand, it's a legend," says Juan José Gomez, head of the
of Joselito. He is constantly on the road to the various countries where he presents himself
products, organizes competitions in slicing ham and increasing brand awareness since
the end of the nineteenth century belongs to the gourmet gems of the Iberian peninsula,
which is nowadays well known in more than 54 countries. And what they are
products from Joselita exceptional?
Joselito carefully controls the entire production process that begins at their farm where they behave
Iberian pigs. They have slim legs, longer chinstraps, pointed ears, and their meat is so
also thanks to a special genetic modification that allows the fat to grow through the muscle.
The home of these pigs is the vast oak forests where each of them has space up to three
joselito leg
The key process is the ripening of the ham, which involves charging the meat into salt and thus preserving it
the perfect state, hanging the ham, which ensures that salt gets well into every part
meat, drying and ripening in special cellars. "Actually, we did not get anything new," he says
Juan José Gomez. "Such methods were known in the days of ancient Rome."
Each piece goes through a strict selection, which evaluates the scent, taste and texture of the meat and
which guarantees that only the best pieces can be sold.
And what products to choose from? There is really a wide range and the good news is that
You can not reach Joselita next door. It only depends on what tastes and what will please you
taste buds. Jamon ibérico de bellota, chorizo, lomo or salchichon from Joselita are
real delicacies and stalks in Michelin restaurants as well as gourmet shops.
In Prague you can enjoy Joselito's products, for example, in stylish Italian
Four Seasons Cotto Crudo restaurant or Zdenek's Oysterbar in the seafood bar.
Joselito is a brand that can surprise you. In 2009, she cooperated with an important one
Andres Sarda's luxury underwear brand and an exclusive collection
combining haute couture and top gastronomy. And that's definitely a fresh idea that
will please every fan of fashion and good food.

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