19. Června 2018 Informal

We have had the opportunity to taste sparkling wine from our neighbors. Who would resist such opportunities?

This is a neighbor from Portugal, the sparkling wine Informal 2014, which was provided by the CerFis eshop, where you can find the neighboring Portuguese wines. We, because it is summer and the bubbles are inherently in, have the opportunity to taste the above mentioned.

We were the first to take a clear bottle. Instead of a typical cork and wire fuse, the wine is closed with a beer stopper. A great detail and undoubtedly the original idea of how to distinguish itself, as well as the rebellious spirit that Luis Pato's wine-maker has been hiding.

Atypical is not just a plug, but also a way of collecting the wine maker:

The grapes for the production of this sparkling wine are harvested approximately two to three weeks before the grapes for red wine. This year was reaped in the first week of September. Luís Pato introduced a very interesting way of harvesting. On the same vineyard ( Vinha da Panasqueira ), first harvests 9 grapes for the production of sparkling wine, and the remaining three grapes are ripened for red wine production.

The color is pink with orange reflections. When tasting the wine, the taste of raspberries, freshness and, above all, juice enjoyed us.

In conclusion, we were surprised by the wine - elegance and rebellious spirit.

Thank CerFis for the opportunity to taste this wine!

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