How to Slice the Jam

30. Srpna 2017 How to Slice the Jam
Zde, najdete návod, jak postupovat při krájení jamonu.

How to proceed with slicing jam

  1. It is recommended to place the ham in the stand and prepare a very sharp jam knife.
  2. Then remove the fat layer from one side of the jamon, the yellowish grease must be removed (white can be consumed).
  3. Rotate small and tiny pieces of ham up to approx. 4cm (preferably translucent) with a circular motion of the knife.
  4. When you reach the bone, turn the ham and proceed in the same way from the opposite side.
  5. If you wish Jamon to last for longer, we recommend that you put the cut off fat (white) and fasten it with a cloth or cloth. This prevents the drying of the ham.
  6. If mold appears on the ham, do not panic! Mold is considered as part of natural maturation and is considered positive. In Spanish driers you will find ham all over white mold. It is recommended to overcoat with sunflower oil. olive.
  7. Recommended storage temperature is 23 ° C, room temperature.
  8. For your safety, we ask for increased attention during slicing! Do not bend your other hand with the other hand in the cutting direction!
  9. We recommend an instructional video on the Internet:

Fastening the jam

It is absolutely essential that the jam in the holder be held firmly. The ham is probably shorter in less than a month, but the quality of the grated ham lasts for 2 months. It is necessary to get rid of the hardened jam of leather, oxidized yellow fat or mold, which is often a natural part of the process of ripening ham. In thin slices cut the top layer with a strong knife to the red meat. Cut the slice horizontally. Using a long flexible and thin jam cutter, cut the translucent slices of a 3-5 cm long jam. Make the yellow fat and skin cut off until you reach your level, but not more than necessary.

Ensure that the cut surface remains flat, ie not in the U-shape. Achieve a straight shape by cutting the jam until you have stopped. Once you reach the bone, make a vertical sectional cut around it, allowing you to keep the cutting plane. Slice the slices around the protruding bone. As soon as you reach the main thigh bone, turn the jammon and continue the same way. Once you hit the bone, separate the individual bones and cut the meat around them into small cubes, for example, when preparing the broth.

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